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Samuel and Glenda Hayward

Mr. and Mrs. Hayward are simple folk, who both grew up on the farm. A tale as old as time. 

Glenda a beautiful and kind soul started falling for the farm hand, and of course, dad did not approve, but that never stopped the young couple. 

After some years, dad eventually came around and the two young kids were inseparable. 

Samuel worked up the courage one starry evening and asked Glenda to be his wife. Of course, she said YES!!

The two love birds got married in the 90s, they had the biggest wedding of the year. It was everything Glenda could've dreamed of, with the groom of her dreams!

The Haywards have since moved to Downtown Norfolk, the land of opportunity, to live out their dreams of becoming Potatoe farmers. The Haywards are nice people and have become a distinguished family of Downtown Norfolk.

They continue to live with love for each other like time has never passed.

The End.


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